Free Advice On How to Get Your Ex Back

how to win back your exHi, I’m Stephanie. I am glad you made it to my site, I just wish we could have met under better circumstances.

Since you found your way here, I know that you are probably going through a hard time because of a recent break up.

  • Has your ex told you it’s over?
  • They don’t want to see you again?
  • That they’ll NEVER get back with you?

If so, I’ve got good news for you…

I want to introduce you to relationship coach Michael Fiore, who has been helping people save their relationships and solve their relationship problems, online as well as in private phone consultations for the last 6 years.

Michael is a really cool and laid back guy who gets right down to the core issues when it comes to a break-up:

If you want to get your ex back, then you really have to start on the inside…with what’s inside of yourself.

Before you do anything else, be sure to get your own emotions under control.

Do not rush into things, but take some time to consider what strategy will give you the best possible chance to reconcile with your ex.

Keep the following phrase in mind: “it’s called a break up because it’s broken”.


I don’t think you have anything to lose by learning more about what he has to say, because he really does have some really powerful stuff to share, and chances are it will work out good for you.

how do i get back the ex i leftWhen you learn from Michael, your are most probably going to be surprised by the fact that he seems to know so much about your specific situation, what you have been going going through since your break up.

His direct and down to earth advice and clear step-by-step instructions is going to give your self confidence a boost, and you’ll start to understand what exact actions you need to take (and which NOT to take) to win back your ex’s heart, and also awaken their passion for you again.

Also, you’ll become well aware of every one of those small adjustments needed to be made to easily keep your relationship strong, safe and at the same time fresh and exciting.

Michael’s coaching provides you with useful insight and knowledge that can help you get your ex back and save your relationship even though you initially thought it was over for good.

His step-by-step guidance teaches you, whether you are a man or a woman, how to get your ex back.

Taking advantage of a combination of Video Training, PDF Guides filled with successful strategies, a large library of instructional video’s, high engagement followup emails, a live Interactive Community, and a large cache of supplemental bonus e-books focusing on specific strategies, Michael’s course is one of the most comprehensive Ex Back programs available one the market today.

Michael excels at connecting with you while teaching you how to get your ex back by using a certain set of proven strategies.

His teachings have helped many couples rebuild their relationships to even stronger levels than ever before. You get detailed guidance on which strategies that are going to work best for you in your specific situation.

You know, clearly there is a ton of existing experience and knowledge about the actual UNDERLYING motives and reasons why your ex will choose to take you back after your breakup.

When you become aware of these aspects, you suddenly become able to view both your relationship with your ex and your breakup, from a NEW and completely different perspective.

So, do not worry, you only need to take the RIGHT STEPS in order to learn what went wrong, and once you have done this you will easily be able to find the RIGHT SOLUTION to your problem.

Michael provides you with an easy to follow, straightforward action plan that takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire process of getting your ex back.

He goes into great detail on several different methods, techniques and approaches you can use to win your ex back, included some of the common methods such as the “No Contact Rule”, but for the most part you probably have never heard of any of these methods before…but they can work for you if you follow them.

how do I get my ex boyfriend backMichael also talks about how you can make your relationship stronger than it ever was before. Sometimes strong emotions take control and a trivial difference of opinion becomes a giant battle.

Having the cleverness to steer this conflict with love and compassion is going to make your relationship much more solid and longer lasting.

In my opinion, this is one of the most important parts of the entire course. If you truly love your ex and are able to get them back again, it is just incredible, but you need to be aware of how to keep a break up from happening all over again.

Be aware though, that when you start to go through Michael’s system to get your ex back, you are kind of “forced” to rethink your whole situation and make a “reset” of your mind. Doing this is going to be a quite tough task, particularly during the first couple of days, but when all this new knowledge sinks in…

…it is going to be a real EYE OPENER for you!

One warning:

The tactics you are about to learn here are controversial:

  • Get instant relief from your heartache
  • See the exact clues your ex leaves that tell you he/she still cares for you
  • Instantly neutralize that other woman or man’s influence over your ex
  • Discover how you can give your ex what he/she desires most of all
  • Know exactly when to apologize and when not to
  • Easily brake the old pattern with him/her and start fresh
  • Naturally trick your ex into thinking you are still a couple
  • Learn the secrets to what to do and say to get your ex back on a date
  • Recapture the romance from when you were madly in love

FREE: Michael Reveals His Secrets To Getting Your Ex Back


If you decide to try to get your ex back on you own, without the help of Michael, I would advice you to start out out with seriously considering the following steps:

Step 1: Do Some Self-Reflection

The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself some questions that can be crucial in order to fix the problem. These are very important questions that will help you figure out the BEST way to get your ex back.

1. Ask yourself if it is worth so much worry the reason of the break up between you and your ex. Is it really important?

2. Can you make things any different? Is it worth continuing with the argument or is it much better to forget about it and continue with your lives?

3. Is this the right time to argue about this matter?

4. Is the cause of the argument worth all the trouble in the first place?

If you can answer any of the questions mentioned above with a “no” then there is no point in continuing with the argument. The best option is to let it go. Many arguments of huge dimensions and break ups can be avoided if this simple rule is followed.

You will be surprised to see how many break ups can be AVOIDED if people don’t get involved in worthless arguments and learn to leave them behind and move on.

Step 2: Stop Worrying About What Others Think of You

The next step you must take in order to get your ex back is to stop worrying about the image you project to other people. It really DOES NOT matter what other people think of you. The only important thing is to be yourself, but this can only be achieved once you stop having concerns about what people think of you. Other people, and especially your ex will then be able to see the real you.

Step 3: Patience Pays When You Want to Get Your Ex Back

An important step in your process to get your ex back is to learn how to put some emotional and mental distance between the two of you. This may seem to be a contradiction, but it is really important to get yourself out of the problem so you can free yourself from the stress the break up causes.

Once you are more relaxed and at the same time you have given your ex the time to relax as well, it is the time to talk. You may be able to get more positive results once you are both feeling much better.

Distance does not mean becoming a complete stranger, but to keep in touch with positive conversation without getting emotionally involved.

With clear heads it is much easier to analyze the situation, have a talk about the problems that may have caused the break up and look for a SOLUTION.

You and your ex will need to talk things through in order to UNDO the break up. The first thing you must learn is that this process will require lots of patience and you need to be able to have tons of it.

The process of getting your ex back takes time so DON’T RUSH. If you see your ex on the street, say hello, make eye contact and continue your way. Try this for some time and then you will be able to move onto the next step.

Step 4: Don’t Make it Too Easy

At this point you are ready to start initiating SHORT conversations with your ex whenever possible. Remember to keep conversations short and about trivial things. Don’t go into too many details about yourself, try to create a MYSTERIOUS environment around you so you can increase his or her interest in you.

If you meet your ex by chance at a party with friends, don’t center your attention on him or her. Make your ex feel that your world is not only him or her, but also your friends and why not, a flirt.

Step 5: Work at Looking Good

Work on your APPEARANCE. Try to look at your best so he or she can feel attracted to you once again. Besides, looking great will give you self-confidence. At the same time don’t be shy and compliment your ex if he or she is looking good and attractive.

If you have the chance when you talk to him or her, bring back all the good memories of your past relationship. Spend time with your ex remembering all the GOOD things that happened to you when you two were a couple and enjoy these moments with him or her.

This can make your ex realize that he or she may be missing all those good times together.

Be not only a friend of your ex, but the BEST friend at this moment in his or her life. This is difficult as you may find your feelings wanting to get involved, but be patient. If you show that your friendship is not focused on trying to move into a romantic relationship, your ex will open his or her heart to you and if your ex wants to be back with you, he or she will let you know eventually.

Simply put, if you do the RIGHT things and take the RIGHT steps, and more importantly don’t go about it the wrong way, your chances for getting your ex back increase dramatically.

You see, a lot of people have been in your exact situation. When their relationship falls apart, they immediately fall into this constant state of panic, desperately looking left and right for a solution to get back together with their ex again.

After a painful breakup, the smartest thing to do is always to get some professional advice, but this involves a big problem… most relationship counseling is actually going to charge about $100-$200 an hour…


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  1. Gina says:

    I totally agree with you Jane, Michael is very good at this. I also came to this site after hearing a lot of Good stuff about him.

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    My boyfriend left me 2 months ago and I want to get him back. Thank you for sharing these techniques… Please keep it up.

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    I also came to this site after hearing a lot of Good stuff about Michael.

    Thanks for this awesome blog.

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    Awesome!! Awesome!! Awesome!!

    Michael is Great. I can’t believe my ex called me today


  5. Sameer says:

    Hey Andy,

    I hope this happens with me soon. I have just started using these techniques I am very positive after your comment :)

  6. Ella says:

    Great post. Sometimes people make a decision and later start to regret it for different reasons, especially in a relationship. If you feel that your ex-boyfriend is the one and realize you have made the biggest mistake leaving him, read on how to get your ex back. Thanks for sharing these influential blog.
    Ella´s last blog post ..Good Low Carb Diets

  7. Ted says:

    a nice guide, but i will never try to get ex back by virtue of that she was dumped by me LOL

  8. Aero says:

    Good article with tons of useful info!

    I’ve heard around the Net that Michael really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to getting back together with your ex…

  9. Naomi says:

    hahah wow! My ex and me are back together!! <3 Thanks!:)

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    It sounds good to me,thanks for sharing!

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    Your sites has so many ideas on it. I could read for days. Thanks for some tips, I’ll see if I can use them with my former girlfriend? Thanks

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    Thanks for the advice …. will use them

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    Thank you for sharing your tips about relationship. I badly need it.

  14. Tina W says:

    I happen to know first-hand that Michael is the King when it comes to reuniting a relationship after a breakup.

    I got back together with my boyfriend even though he left me for this other girl….

    Check out his program if you miss your ex! That’s all I advice you to.

    You are going to be surprised what you are actually able to achieve when you have the proper psychological tools ;-)

    … and Michael hands them all to you.

  15. Sam says:

    Nice to see a decent resource for getting an ex-boyfriend back. Some great tips here that are clearly based on experience rather than someone playing a guessing game. Well done! I’ll be back to check your site out more.

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