AHHH… My ex boyfriend claims I made libelous statements about his company on a couple of forums. I did not. He also claims he can prove they came from my IP address. How could they have? So, I asked him which forums and went to look – the comments were not that bad. The poster said the product broke and he was not given a refund. I read on and people were bashing the guy and some were on his side. The thread went on for 5 pages of bantering back and forth. The guy felt burned and wasn’t happy. This was not me. It seems like, to me, that my ex may have written these – because they are not that bad – and is now trying to squeeze money (or thinks he will) from me.

1) Is it possible to make something look like it came from someone else’s IP address?

2) Would a judge even hear this case b/c someone doesn’t like his product? It seems to me that this guy has every right to his opinion.

3) I don’t have a lawyer, or money to get one. I’m on Medicaid and food stamps, and have a 3 year old. I’m also a student. To make matters worse, I am pregnant with my ex boyfriend‘s baby (this guy I speak of). Can I really be sued? How would he get money from me?

4) This is a frivolous law suit, but how can I prove this? He has a computer programmer who is pretty genius on the computer – if he falsified these comments to make them look like they came from me, could I somehow prove they didn’t?

5) If I have to go to court, can I represent myself and be able to win?

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