I am having an extremely hard time letting go of a long relationship of ups/downs with a cocaine/alcohol abuser. He broke it off with me twice for no reason. (this being the second time) but i was told he had a girlfriend. he was coming off a 3 day bender when this happened.

He has done this before but we ended up back together after a month. He would often get mad or bug me about not being able to drink a lot or refusing drugs when we were together. I tried to convince him he doesnt need these things and has so much going for him. He cant see what he could be and it hurts so bad.. hes being troubled since he was 10yrs old and been through alot of bad things since then. Is their hope he will change or seek help even though now he doesnt want it?

He says its who he is and everyone knows he’ll die doing this. He makes things up and actually beleives them which has caused fights between us before… I know i may need to seek counselling i am a sucsessfull loving girl, and i have a great family/friend group who all hate that i ever got into this relationship. Its been a week and Im happy then sad & hoping for him to call…

I fear that it was me who wasnt good enough, or that he is happy with some other girl, treating her well & showing her love. I did everything to show him i cared for him so much, nothing was ever enough and didnt seem appreciated at all..he tells me he doesnt deserve me he wants me to hate him, he wont be around long ect, then he can tell me im the one whose f*cked up and annoying ect and he’ll stop talking to me.

This time he told me he has a gf and not to wait around or call him, or book us a trip. (we were planning a summer vacation) it was literally so sudden and things were so good with us.

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