(I’ve gotten many many emails about this recently, so I decided to post it around a little bit, on here and other forums, feel free to do so yourself. I actually encourage it, I got an email about 5 mins ago from a girl in her mid-20s thinking about killing herself, but read my post, and she said it made her realize life is worth living. it seems people enjoy it even if nothing like this happened to them ^^;)

I posted this last night just venting and trying to think things through a little better, I tend to think better when I can write/type out my thoughts, heh. But people asked me to re-post this…. read till the end.

I changed a few things to make the story a little more clear, also, but it’s pretty much the same story as last night.

Ok so there’s this girl that I’ve known for about 3 weeks(well, 3 weeks exactly today, yey new years! lets call her D by the way) and how we met was a little… unique.

I’m not going to make it all dramatic and super detailed(well I’ll try not to, It’s a habit I have since I like to write lol), but what happened was I was coming out of a store, my ride was late so I took a walk and I noticed a girl about to get raped in an ally nearby, needless to say I wasn’t going to ignore it and let it happen, and coming back from being in the peace corps for 2 years being with shaolin monks(I realize that may sound a little silly to some, but we were helping them repair various things, grow food, stuff like that. they taught us martial arts in return =]) I was feeling pretty cocky, too. I ended up getting shot twice and stabbed three times, I got out of the hospital just 4 days ago, doctors were surprised at my speedy recovery(they used a different word, but said something like determination or something had a lot to do with it)…. not going to go into much more detail about that, too confusing.

Anyway, while I was in the hospital, D and I got to talking and apparently she is afraid of men, also hates them. However, she said I’m the only one she isn’t afraid of/hates. She’s 21 I’m 20, she was raped by her father from ages 10-14 according to her, and got emancipated shortly after her aunt found out and she has lived with her ever since. She said that she feels safe around me, and she wants to start moving on with her life and asked if she could move in with me. Her aunt is fine with it and she likes me, heh they trust me and hardly even know me, makes me pretty happy. Ok getting a little off topic… time to get back on topic.

Despite everything that has happened to her, I really like her, like really really like her. However I’m not even going to try and force anything on her for the time being, because she has been through enough, and the last thing she needs is someone who she hardly even knows but trusts, try and "come on" to her. But I’m patient and I’m really excited to have her around, hopefully we’ll be able to be together someday. If not, then I don’t mind being her friend for the rest of my life either, I can tell she’s going to be a really special person to me for the rest of my life, girlfriend/wife or friend, doesn’t matter.

Basically a lot has happened these last 3 weeks and typing it out and telling people with total anonymity is helping be think things through a bit better, I dunno, I’m just confused, shocked, really happy, and just fgjfadjfhda at the moment.

Also, ignore my answers on here from about 2 weeks ago, my ex-roommate thought it’d be funny to "troll" yahoo answers on my computer while I was in the hospital, I guess you can figure out why he’s my ex-roommate now. =P I guess I do owe him a little bit though, otherwise I wouldn’t have thought about using yahoo answers.

I received quite a few emails from women who had been victims of rape, and they said my story was inspirational to them, so they sent me their msn and I sent mine back, I mean my story helped people? that makes me feel pretty good! I hope this helps more people, too.^^; I got back from the mall with D just a little while ago and she was clinging on my arm so hard but it was pretty cute, she’ll be moved in by jan 6th and I hope it goes well, things are moving pretty fast.

When I signed on I got a huge amount of messages within like 30 seconds asking me a whole ton of questions, thank yous and stuff like that. I had a lot of people asking me to re-post my story so they can show friends/family, so here you go. =) Also a lot of you were asking me what happened to her dad, as I told you on MSN, he got life in prison, he got charged with A LOT of stuff. The people who tried to rape her are probably going to get life, they got charged with a lot of stuff too, but we’ll see.

P.S. anyone thinking about joining the peace corps, I really loved my time in asia and I have many friends who plan to be there for 6+ years. If you’re the kind of person who can give up 2 years of your life to help other people then you will not regret joining, no matter where they send you.


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