Ok, here is my confusing story. I bought a 5 yr old QH cross, Sallie, on Feb. 21, 2009. I bought her to be my barrel horse and to haul around to shows. The place I bought her from is a big rescue farm with all kinds of breeds of horses. The girl there had gotten Sallie from her ex husband in TN who couldn’t afford to keep her anymore. She got Sallie in October or November and put her up for sale because she had no room for her. In Feb. I went and tried her out and loved her. I brought her home and trail rode her everyday for a good month. After awhile she started bucking on the barrel pattern. It went from kicking her back feet up every once in a while to full blown out “get off of me” bucking. I was out running her in a field with a friend and she started bucking and didn’t stop until I hit the ground. She took off running, and then came back to stand by my side. i dusted off and got back on and she didn’t buck after that… just wanted to go home. After trying to work with her for weeks I gave up and decided she needed to go to a home where someone could fix the bucking. I listed her for sale and got a few bites, but I started to notice her belly was getting pretty round and she was getting more and more moody. In mid July I had a vet out who looked at her and said “90% chance she is pregnant, I would expect a foal late summer/early fall.” Since then Sallie has developed a small bag and when you squeeze here teat clear milk comes out (I have been able to “milk” her for 2 or 3 weeks). I decided to have a vet come out and look at her again to see why I didn’t have a foal yet. The vet did an internal inspection and said that she couldn’t feel a foal in there at all, but said that it could have been lying just out of her reach. Sallie is very wide now, but doesn’t hang low hardly at all. I talked to her previous owners and they said they have 2 stallions, a grey QH (who has never gotten out of his pen) and a Belgian (who gets out a lot). Sallie’s vulva is pretty loose and pink on the inside (she is a black horse and its usually black in there). when i was looking at her last night her belly was "lopsided" and hanging to her right a lot (if this means anything?). Now I just want to know if she is pregnant or not! If she isn’t than I can take her off of mare and foal feed and start trying to ride her again, but if she is pregnant I will keep her on the feed and I won’t ride her. She isn’t exposed to any stallions out here, and her only pasture buddy is a 14 year old QH gelding. What are your guys’ ideas for her… pregnant or not? I’m confused! Thanks! pics at: http://www.horsegroomingsupplies.com/horse-forums/can-some-one-help-me-im-so-305450.html
I would say its deff. not a grass belly. she is only on 2 acres of pasture with free choice of hay. i only have one picture of her from the front, and its posted withthe others at that link. is a false pregnancy out of question?

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