My fiance broke up with me yesterday. We were together for almost 2.5 years. He said he doesn’t love me the way he should and that he doesn’t have any feelings for me anymore. We have a house together and he said I can live there until I find another place. Will he realize he made a mistake and come back to me? I need him in my life, I love him so much. He said that we may be able to take a step back and just date but he doesn’t want any commitments. I’m so confused. He said he doesn’t want to see other people and that he just wants to be alone. He says this is a relief for him. Has this happened to anyone before? Will he come crawling back to me once he realizes he made a mistake and misses me? I don’t know what to think. I’m so lost. Please any help would be great. And if there is a way of him thinking I don’t need him will that help with him realizing he needs me? If i have to play games I will. I need him :(

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