I’d rather not hear any til death do you part stuff…I already know that.
Here is the kicker – He doesn’t hit me, or cheat, drink too much or anything like that. I am just very unhappy and he is a total workaholic and I don’t feel like I am getting "my money’s worth" so to speak. I love him, but we have a daughter that needs him too and he just is NOT available. Work takes priority over everything, then hobbies, then his personal time. We come last.
This has been going on for 3 years….we have little sex and it is always on his terms, i.e. very quick and unfulfilling and he gets up right away and runs back to his computer. NO romance, no real dialogue and he is always angry…not at me, just in general and he takes it out on me and our daughter. I’m at my wits end and have come to realise I am wasting my time, I can do better and he seems to need to be single so he isn’t pressured to spend time with any family. I guess I wonder if I moved out for a while, if he would even notice
Yes, we’ve talked repeatedly, yes, we’ve gone to counseling, I have tried everything.
I also work full time and am the sole caretaker for home and our child.
I also might add that he does not have a drivers license due to stupid things before I met him…so I have to drive evryone to/from where they need to go.
And the last time I talked to him about seperating he had no clue why, and asked me if I was interested in someone else!?! Completely clueless!
I don’t want to leave and this is upsetting, but i’m kindof freaking out. I can live like this, sure. But who would want to?

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