My fiance of a year last week broke up with me through an email and the next day, he met someone new and is now "in love" in a relationship. We have been unhappy for a couple weeks now and ever since he had surgery, he’s been very weird and it doesn’t help that he drinks a lot too. Apparently, this new relationship is an online fling. Up until a couple weeks ago we never had trust issues and we were a great team. We were best friends before we started dating.

Now I feel lost and uncertain. I can’t help but wonder if he’ll return or not. How do I move on without thinking of him and her together? How can I move on without him? I feel like I’m dying inside :(
btw, I never saw this chick show up until last week the day before we broke up and I have confirmation that it’s a brand new thing. He hasn’t started drinking heavily until after the surgery. Up until then, we never had trust/cheating issues.

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