Isplit up with my ex about three weeks ago. At the time i didn’t know why. She invited me round one night ‘to explain’. She said she was sorry and that we should get back together again. Of course I said yes. She thn asked if i wanted a masage and i agreed.
I laid on the floor and she sat on me in possition to do a massage. Shetold me to put my hands back. I obliged and before I knew it tey were tied together. She then tied my feet. I couldn’t move. Next thing I heard washer plugging something in and she said this is for cheeting on me. I hard a snap and the sound of some clippers.

In the next 30 minutes all the hair above my waist was removed.

I didn’t cheet on her what should i do
Also what to do about my bald head which she shaved the same night

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