I have been married for a year and have had problems with my family since the beginning. My wife always felt unwanted. My brother and his wife were not very social around her. They got gifts for everyone in my family but my wife on their honeymoon. Several other little things kept adding up until everything went bad during a visit from my brother and his wife. When my wife wanted to go out after dinner they refused and went back to our house. My wife and I eventually got into a terrible fight over that which ended with her sleeping somwhere else for the night. I emailed to voice all my concerns with my brother’s behavior and he said some mean things about my wife. She refuses to speak to him to this day (6 months later). When we finally saw them about 2 months ago there was a shouting match and my parents took my brother’s side. So now my wife won’t speak to my parents. I was always close to my family and would like to be again but I don’t know how. Thanks for any advice.

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