see, i have a best friend he is a guy, very nice and sweet. well he broke up with his girlfriend a week ago deffinitly. this month before there finnal breakup they were on and off but between this time he was sad, he haz a best friend that is also my friend, and he told him to forget about her, that she wasnt good enough for her (i thought as well), and more bull so a week.
after (about 3 days ago) our sam firend told us that him(m3 and mi best firend) and ex are going out. i was so suprised because he had made it seemed as if he hated my bestfriends ex, and he also said do much bull about her,and now they are going out i just don’t get!? it makes it seem as if he wanted mi bestfriend to breakup with her for him to later ask her out.
but now i was talking to my bestfriends sister (she is also my bestfriend) and we came out with a plan, and it was for me to go "out" with her brother, and i agreed and now we are planing to ingnore his ex and our friend what do u think? is it ok?

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