I dated my best friend and neighbor`s wife`s sister. She lives far away but we met at the wedding. We both had other people at the time and broke up with them to be together. She was very convincing with her "I love you and this was meant to be" garbage. She dumped me over the phone and has the balls to be coming to visit my buddy and his wife and stay for 2 weeks WITH her ex-boyfriend whom she is now back with. I know I`ll see them in the elevator or in the neighborhood for sure. I lost my job because of her as well but that story is way too long. I`m trying to move on but seeing them is gonna be rough since I`m the one who still isn`t working. I just don`t want to hide and I always thought that if I could find a job and get my life on track, maybe she`d come back to me. I`m an idiot right? Is it wrong for me to want some sort of revenge. its also a sore spot in my buddies marriage. no lectures, just advice please.
great advice. i guess "revenge" wasn`t the right word. I don`t want to hurt anyone. I just don`t need this right now and i know the correct solution is to forget about it and move on. but it sucks. no revenge. i just wanted it to be over but its hard when they`re gonna be right here.

also, to clarify, she convinced me to quit my job and move to where she was. when i got there, she said she changed her mind so i moved back here. that was the worst part.

great advice everyone. thanks.

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