We were together for about a year. At times the relationship was great and we really loved eachother. But we went through some really rough stuff together. i made some mistakes. I never cheated on her but I hurt her in other ways. She was in recovery off drugs and alchohol and When i drank it hurt her. I should have been in recovery then but i wasnt ready at the time and now I have been clean for around 4 mos, i use to try and hide it from her but she would always find out and it would crush her. She was also very jealous and it was hard for me to stop talking to girls that I had as friends for all my life. we recently just started talking in emails. The first email i sent her was basically appologizing about our relationship and to my suprise she responded back but it has only been small talk for the last week or so. She just got out of another relationship and is single. i myself as well just got out of a relationship but the girl meant nothing tome. What should i do ?

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