I beged and cried harder than I ever have for my fiance to get back with me and he said he needed time. I started hanging out with this guy that I knew through a friend and he took me to the movies and we have chilled at his house and watched a movie but nothing has happened sexually etc. . .but then when my ex found out I was chilling with this new guy he all of a sudden changed his mind and is saying he wants to get back with me. . then I found out ever since we broke up he has been lieing to me and visiting his pregnant ex girlfriend that he lied to me about chilling with when we were together. . .should I move on and see what this new guy is about becuase he seems like such a sweetheart or go back to my ex who justso suddenly changed his mind when he found out I was hanging with this guy and going to the club with him saturday. . .

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