My husband lived with another woman while we were seperated last year. We have back together for about 8 months and are getting along fine.

BUT she calls and hangs up, goes around his family, writes really sappy letters. We’ve told her to go away, but it hasn’t worked. Changed the number, but she got it again. She is generally very aggravating. I want to torture her a little. Yes, I know it’s mean and petty.

But really getting her goat one time would make me feel better for about an hour. She’s back with her husband now and living with his parent’s and still pestering us. What’s your best idea for making her squirm with no actual physical injury. Thanks in advance for your evil schemes.

He didn’t cheat on me with her, we were apart when they met. I was seeing someone else, too. She got the new number from my husband’s cousin, who is a meddling pain in the butt.

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