Why do married men cheat but don’t leave their wives to start a new relationship?

I wonder why married men cheat but don’t leave their wives to start a new relationship?

Guys need you to answer this one.

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13 thoughts on “Why do married men cheat but don’t leave their wives to start a new relationship?

  1. Stripes says:

    so that they don’t lose their house over the divorce

  2. Brian J says:

    guys are asses for cheating…….dont be the oposite. you marrage still can work hun

  3. I am Stealthed says:

    i wouldnt know because im not married but if i found "the" girl i know i would never even look t anyone else…mabe its the guy? but idk

  4. Mizzylicious says:

    Because men are greedy bas tards

  5. thinkstraight27 says:

    For every woman there is willing to work hard, there are at least four more who are willing to get on their knees to move on in life, and these are the people that most men cheat with.
    Men have forgotten that marriage means that there will always be someone for you and your children no matter what, and the sacrifice you make for this reward is to give up other women. Any man that cheats is just having his cake and eating it too and is one of those people who believes in the 51%-49% marriage in favor of the man.
    The lack of good men in the world is one of the reasons I have decided not to have children.

  6. Melinaâ„¢ <3 says:


  7. mg says:

    There is a sense of security in the marriage, yet an allure to the affair. Some men are scared to leave their wife, like the thrill of not getting caught, or perhaps don’t want to leave their wife.

  8. John J says:

    Because they don’t want to pay there wifes out

  9. jules says:

    Because they want extra sex without any commitment.

  10. young at heart says:

    Because they want the sexual excitement of a new relationship but without all the mundane life and hassle. But they still want their dinner on the table and their clothes washed and ironed. Basically they are lazy so ds that want the best of both worlds.

  11. WTF ? says:

    Awww not again.
    Because women as wives become very stale often fat and incredibly BORING and no challenge.
    It isnt natural for a man to stay with just one woman.
    Thats a society derived thing. As for not leaving well why cause all the dramas and upset others.
    Anyway a lot of it is about other practical commitments or kids etc and also being partners.
    But women still get sloppy moody and complacent which is just a turn off. And often they TRY to be manipulative which if that starts then I am definitely off on the hunt elsewhere.
    Nobody manipulates me ! Its an insult to intelligence.
    You asked I answered with honesty.

  12. Jez says:

    Lots of married people do this because they want to feel excitement once again and so go after someone other than their partner. Sometimes, they are also merely flattered and need to prove they ‘still have it’.

    They then realise that the grass isn’t so green on the other side and realise what it is they have lost in pursuit of lust.

  13. mary turner says:

    maybe s.he lonely and the only way she can fill herself is to mess with a man that’s already involved with someone else. it maybe done out of pity on her part cause of the way she feels and she probably cant help it

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