Ok…im 17 and my fiance was 16, we were in love and we had a long distance relationship, we were in love, we were on and off for a year and 3 months, we thought that if we were together that long and we were madly in love with each other then we might as well get engaged, well me and her have been having alot of troubles, alot of them, everyday were arguing about something stupid and we both know it but we continue to do it, well now she decides that she wants to break up, and thats it the best for us to end it now.

I still love her and want to be with her for the rest of my life but what should i do if she wants to end it and i dont, she told me before that if we have been together for this long then theres no reason for us to break up becuase we were meant for each other and she said hat she was never gonna break up wit me and that was like a couple of weeks ago and now all of a sudden she wants to break up.

Does she still want me? Should i let her go or wat should i do?

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