Okay I have been with this man for 4 years and 9 as friends. I have been over weight all my life. He met me much bigger than what I look now. He said he doesn’t want to be with me because I’m overweight, he wants a different girl and he stopped loving me last year.

We broke up 2 months ago and 3 days b4 the break up we were already broken up. So he decides to run after me with flowers and kiss me unexpectedly and tell me he had no clue what he was doing living life without me, he told me he loves me and he doesn’t care about looks he just wants me to be healthy…. Okay so 3 days later he tells me he doesn’t love me and he wants a different girl…. so its been 2 months and let me point out we were going to get married… everything planned est,,,, we met up a week ago and he said that in the future if we are meant to be we might just end up together,,,,

He also said he didnt mean to say im overweight and that the breakup has nothing to do with my looks. I asked for the engagment ring and he said he wanted to keep it which i found it strange… what do u think this man wants or is trying to say…..

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