Short story: Browsing craigslist casual encounters/personal ads (do it mostly for entertainment, there are never any cute guys on there anyway…one time I posted a false ad saying that I was a “hot blonde with 32DDDs” to see how many responses I would get, and the result was….crazy. But that’s another story), I encountered an ad that looks like it was PROBABLY written by my ex.

I use “probably” because there is no way to tell for sure, since he didn’t post a picture-however he did post his first name, his age, and it was written in his “writing style.” I also live in a small town and he’s the only “17-year old Carl” that I know of. The thing is, he’s had a serious girlfriend for the past year. This particular ex and I didn’t have a very “healthy” relationship- he was constantly flirting with other girls, pressuring me into sexual things, he cheated on me, etc. It ended pretty badly, with him lying to other people about how “far” we went sexually.

After we broke up, I just kind of tried to heal myself emotionally and never really found a way to exact revenge. I feel as though I’ve stumbled onto a gold mine.

What can I do with this?
His girlfriend and I are friendly

also: I am not “obsessed” or “crazy”-it’s not as though I was LOOKING for this. I just stumbled upon his ad and was like “woooaahhh….” Yes, he did treat me like crap, but I’m over it-I’ve had a couple of relationships since he and I were together. I feel like he deserves something bad to happen to him, though…

I feel bad for his girlfriend, since I genuinely do like her. He really is a narcissistic dick.

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