How do I make my husband fall in love with me again???

We have lost respect for eachother , and we are becoming hateful and biter- What a waste of an eternal love…

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17 Responses to “How do I make my husband fall in love with me again???”

  • Willis Jeffords says:

    Counseling. Seriously.

  • courtney5839 says:

    WOW that is sad! lol! (tear) but ummmm you cant really make someone just fall right back in love with you…. but you could try like going to a marriage counceling or something!

  • hotmama1 says:

    DO you really want to continue in a marriage that is fast becoming mean and hateful?? I suggest counceling, and do it fast before something is said you can’t take back….GL;)

  • lastmanstanding says:

    That’s my question???????????/

  • iamaweddingdisaster says:

    How long have you been married? What did you both do in the beginning that made you fall in love with each other in the first place? Try to go back to that. Sometimes being reminded of why you fell in love will make you fall in love again.

  • Just A Guy says:

    Live separately for a month, if he needs you then he loves you alot, you can live happily ever after then, or just find someone else who loves you again.

  • admspc says:

    i bet that is you start treating each other better things will chnage. im not saying you but alot of women think men need a mother and nag about everything. we left the home becaue were all sick of naging. so try being his woman not his mother. i leave 80% of women because they nag like a mother and try to tell us what to do and how to act. im not saying this is you but there is one cause of the bitter man.

  • lol_des says:

    You can be loving sweet and loyal to him no matter what his reaction do this for 2 weeks and he will change towards you one of you has to make the first step.

  • Nancy W says:

    What has changed? What is different than the way you were when you fell in love? It isn’t just "him" and it isn’t just "you". Have you both just grown up a little? Become too involved in work, children, activities outside married life?

    What used to be fun? What did the two of you most enjoy doing when you were falling in love? How did you look then compared to how you look now? How did he look then compared to now?

    You might stop looking at the problems and look for some changes. Do something fun together, something to guarantee a good laugh. Look at what he DOES instead of what he does not do. Thank him with a sincere hug and kiss when he pleases you and stop pouting or saying "If you loved me….." when he does something that displeases you.

    I would also suggest that both of you let the other be who they are. Don’t try to tell each other what they should want, what they should spend your time on, what they should say and how they should act. Just let go and let each other be the person each of you really are. Just because you love each other never means you can "own" each other, or control each other, or (heaven forbid) change each other.

    Good luck and God bless.

  • Budster says:

    Both of you are going to have to work at it. You and your husband have to want to stop being miserable and start being happy…together. Try focussing on what brought you together in the first place. There must be some continuing appreciation for what each of you has to offer. You’ve allowed too much negative into the relationship and it has overpowered all of the positive. Why did he used to respect you? Why did you used to respect him? Get back to the basic reason for your deciding to spend a life together and emphasize that. Remember how it was? Maybe it can’t be as exciting, but it can be as rewarding. Get going!

  • sandyoak says:

    Stroke his ego on a regular basis. Tell him he’s the best lover in the world. Your day is filled with missing him. Tell him to duck his head when he comes in the door - cuz in your eyes he’s 10 feet tall. Welcome him home in such a way that he will look forward to coming home to be with you. Wear make up and keep yourself neat and pretty - believe me, there are girls out there who will do all the above for him. These things make a man fall in and stay in love with you. And honey, laugh and smile a lot. Anything can be made better with a sense of humor. Good luck - invite me to your Golden Anniversary party!!!

  • meatball288001 says:

    Sorry to hear, about your lost love, But its best if both, just move on, because if you have lost respect for each other it will only get worst.
    You should see that movie, War of the Roses.
    The movie seems funny, but its not, at the end.

  • Bryan M says:

    You both need to be willing to go through marriage counceling.

    Another thing, what’s caused you to be hateful and bitter to each other?

    One thing I think may be is that your both thinking of yourselves and not thinking of each other. Because if you put your partner before yourself, amazing things will happen.

    Also tell your husband things that you appriciate about it, that made you love him in the first place, and see if he will do the same. It’s called affirming each other. My wife and I almost ended up in a divorce because I had become very selfish and was thinking only of myself. Now I try to put as many things as I can before myself. You both need to change your list of priorities.

    My personal list of priorites are God, my wife, my kids, my job, my family, friends, and then myself.

    It took my almost losing my wife and kids to wake me up from my selfishness, I personally needed that slap in the face to shake me from my selfishness.

    Seek marriage counceing, and I’d recomend seeing a Christian Councelor who bases their counceling in the Bible and the teachings in the Bible. Remember God created marriage. And he can heal broken marriages, my wife and I are proof of it. We still are working at repairing the damage to ours, but we have made huge strides already.

    I hope that this helps. Take care and God Bless

  • General Solo says:

    Try to bring back some of those special moments that made you two fall in love in the first place.Try to forgive each other and comment to a new ,fresh start! Let the past go! Go the extra mile for the relationship, like it was in the beginning. Devote quality time to each other and don’t let anything get in the way of the quality time! Show each other that nothing in the world comes before him or her. Let go of all outside personnel that stands to rip your marriage apart. Look into each others eyes and tell each other[ at last once a month] that you love them, and really mean it! Don’t cheat!! and Good luck !!

  • beckdawgydawg says:

    oh wow. it is nice to find someone with similar problems. i want to save my marriage as well but it is hard to get past some of the crud that we have done to each other over the years. i think that professional counseling is our only hope. if i can just get him to go.
    i wish you the best of luck.

  • Jeff T says:

    Are children in the picture, is someone career minded and putting it before everything else? Are you a stay at home mom?

    This is my story, I use to work 10-12hr days with a 1-1.5hr commute each way and then I was call. You know supporting one of those big law enforcement agency’s. Well my wife grew apart and we were very bitter and spite full towards each other.

    Communication was the key and needless to say we relocated and now I work regular hours and have a 1mil commute. Once we were here she went to school and is going back into the workplace and is very excited. She’s going through an awaking of sorts and finding her identity.

    Its been a bit troublesome at times, but communication is the key. These last few weeks have been better then the last four years and I think its a beautiful start.

    Talk to him, schedule time for just the two of you to CALMLY hash out any issues. Remember this is your marriage and your with this person forever so you need to figure out if this is still the person you want to be with.

    Best of luck to you.

  • onlineseeker says:

    Have you tried counseling?

    Can you guys agree to put the past behind you and carry no gripes and re-start with a fresh slate?

    If so you can turn this around if you both want to.

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Free 7-Step Ex Back Action Plan!
First Name:

(Your details will never be sold or passed on to a third party)

Ecourse Contents:

1. Learn why you broke up.

2. Learn to control your emotions.

3. Avoid the top 6 things that will drive your ex away.

4. Why a 30-day no contact period really works.

5. Why you should get physically and mentally fit.

6. The importance of socialising.

7. Calling your ex again for the first time.

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