Thanks for all the replies. I am quite surprised that so many of you think that my marriage is actually "Dead". Yes i do my fair share around the house. I set off to work at 6.30 am and dont arrive home till 5.30 tea time where fair play dinner is always on the table waiting for me. From then on it is me that takes over the clearing up, wash the kids, put them to bed and read them a story, while the wife has a bath, relaxes and watches Emer, Corrie & East. Talk i cannot as this is Sh, sh, sh time. She does not look after 2 kids all day. One is at school, the other is in creche. I have changed my working pattern at work, hence my long hours at work to have the Friday off to look after the youngest to save on creche fees. Tell me now who should be tired and emotionally drained???? Ha, ha, ha. Its not all bad though, dont get me wrong. As a marriege its ok, we hardly ever argue, i’m not hen pecked. I go out on the odd occassion. were always having wknds away Its just passionless, thats al
Thats the big problem. When we go shopping, and i suggest a nice bra/panties for fun in say M&S, she says what for!!!!
Thanks Emma!
Naturell. I’ll tell u a little story. We were at a friends birthday bash a few weeks ago. Last dance came on. All went to dance. I asked if shed like to dance, she refused point blank. We were sat there like lemons!!!!
Red Devil. No there was loads of passion. She always came on to me. in fact she was quite wild. It has started to go pear shaped between the birth ofthe two boys. The sex doesnt really bother me , its the Hugs, snogs and hold hands that i miss.
Hi Yummy Mummy. Im a Boy not a Girl, hi, hi,hi
Thanks Red Devil. Thats the type of answer ive been looking for. that sounds good!

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