My husband is in the Marines and stationed over in Japan until April. He just went back in August from leave. Everything was going great and then out of the blue, he started asking me if there was anything I wanted to tell him. I have been completely faithful throughout our four year realtionship but he has cheated three times and constantly lied. We split up for two years and he joined the Marines. We got back together and got married. I never stoped loving him. Well so about a week ago he gets mad about a comment I left on myspace to a friend of mine and it was nothing. He even talked to the friend. (when he left back to duty, he made me move into his dads house, which I only did for my hysbands peace of mind) I do not go out very often and when I do it is with a group of friends. He just would not let the comment I left go. So it got me to thinking. I checked his myspace and low and behold he was feeding his mother a bunch of lies about me. Like I was a bad wife, and only hung out with guys and I didn’t give a damn about him and so on. (He did this in the past but we are married now) I asked him if he said anything bad about me to his mom. I asked him three times and he denined it everytime. Finaly I showed him the IM conversation with his mom (which she told him that he was in the right and he should teach me a lesson, what mother says that?) Anyway, I love him and I want forever with him and says he is going to therophy i am just not sure if I should stick it out. Can we save our marriage? I want both guys and girls to tell me what you think..Please Help
I am also pregnant with his child.

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