Im 21 and have been engaged for a year and was with my fiance for 4 years. I lived him so much and did want to marry him i just wanted a long engagement as i wanted everything to be perfect. Last thursday myself & a few of his friends traveled to Europe to see my dad who is in a band touring. The weekend was really awkward and i felt like i didn’t know him at all. He almost acted like i wasn’t there and then last night when we where at the hotel he started questioning me about wedding stuff, and i was so tired and was really after enjoying my night at the concert and he was hell bent on making me feel upset for making him wait on marriage. We have had a few arguments over the past 2 weeks but last night he let rip at me and then said he wanted to end things with us even though he loves me to death he doesn’t want to wait too long to get married, it was like a screaming match with us. He really wanted to try hurt me and said thanks for the free gigs worth staying for. I love him so much but maybe us breaking up was for the best. I left the hotel and when to my mom & dad’s hotel and have continued traveling with them. He has tried ringing me but i haven’t answered him. Any advice on this would be great. Should i ask him to work it out or just be single & free? Thanks

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