Me and my girl were together for three years. We did everything together. We lived together for over a year. but we had our hard times too. we were both jealous with each other a lot and that started most of the fights. we broke up a few times before and got back together because we loved each other so much. but wednesday we broke up again and this time she doesn’t want me back. after going through all this, i realize how stupid it was to be so jealous and i know she would never hurt me like that. but she says she loves me but cant take it anymore. i’ve tried doing everything i can to show her i can change. but now she just turns her phone off when i try to talk. i bought her dozens and dozens of flowers, a card, candy and a few things i know she likes, but she still wont see me. and this is all happening so close to our anniversary. and now i just don’t know what to do. i hurt so bad, i feel like ripping my heart out. i dont know what to do. i need help,

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