I have been with him for over 2 years have a son and another one on the way with him. He admitted to deciding he wanted to sleep with my neighbor who has lived there a year(duplex) a week before he broke up with me blaming break up on me bc he intended to sleep with her and that he said things about me to her to make her feel sorry for him and get in her pants. It took him 1wk b4 he got in her pants. All week he led me to believe he was thinking about things I said and letting me come back while talking to her almost daily. He slept w her at 3 am after they got drunk together and when I came at 11am I saw hickies and confronted him. He let me come back that day. I cant seem to get over that he planned it out and lied and made me feel horrible to sleep with her bc he was curious. What else is he capable of? Could he still be talking to her eventhough he insists he does not? His son told mine that he talks to her when I am gone and I don’t know about but he denied it…how can I tell if she is lying too? I do not wanna be in a triangle!!! He also promised to move but I can’t tell there has been any effort in 3 months. Help!!!

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