Ok, so my relationship a month ago had fallen apart and she cheated on me for another guy, but still kept a grip on me, incase things didnt work out with this new guy but soon dropped me. I was pretty crushed seeing our 8 month relationship go down the drain. Soo..I was talking to her one day, a month after we broke up when she told me she was gona hang with him that day and at what time. So i stopped by half an hour before he got there and said i needed to talk about what happened but she said she needed me out. i kept stalling and finally told her what i was up to. So when he pulled in the driveway, she begged me to run out the back door and into the woods. instead i stipped off my clothes and ran out the front door into the street where he could see me naked and i yelled "oh shit, Cathy, he saw me!". he thought she was cheating and broke up with her. Did i take it too far???
screw you people. the guys a dick, shes a bitch. they fked me over and left me miserable. and he Fucked my gf while i with her!
oh and thanks to those who give me props haha

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