Someone told me.
"he is never going to leave her for you. never. please try to understand this, it will save you a lot of time."
and I am trying to understand this. can anyone give me a good explanation why he never leave his wife even though he does not feel love for her anymore?
Thanks all. I quoted LMFAO’s answer here to make it suit to my question better, and choose his/hers as the best.

"even though he lacks passion with her and you fill that void on the side, overall he must still respect her enough, be comfortable enough to prefer to stay with her and delay being with you."

It’s coziness, not necessarily with respect. With respect, you cannot keep lying to the person in marriage or in any form of relationship.

Comfortable? I think it’s rather negligent because you have stopped making efforts to pay attention to what the other person feels, wants, needs and wishes to stay happy so that it will also make you happy with her.

I agree in the rest. Sadly, I DO, and DID know he is a very very weak man. I unfortunately fell for him before I realized that.

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