I have been a serious relationship for 2 years , that has lead my boyfriend to ask me to be his wife, but all after 2 years he says that its better to breakup our engagement actually the relationship. Its very crazy because after talking things out we agree to be boyfriend and girlfriend, he also mention he wanted space, and time apart I feel him sort of distances but I don’t know if his giving me signs of breakup- He tells me he loves me with all his heart and that I am the only girl for him. I am so confuse, everything seem good. I cut some friends I had in my past just to start fresh) meaning not clubbing and etc….) I love this guy and I know his the one for me. I have been there for him, as his been there for me. Should I give him time to think, who knows what? Or should I breakup before he brings it up. Keep in mind he saw me in a lot of pain when he broke up the engagement.
I am 23 and his 24.

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