so theres this boy that I had class with at the start of the year. I didnt like him more than a friend but during our class together he flirted with me so much and he would always do cute little things (Im a sucker for a sweet talker) about a month passed by and one of my best friends had a party. well I showed up late and he immediately came over to me and started talkin. He ended up pulling me on to the dance floor and we grinded on each other (haha, I know, I know) for most of the night. A few weeks pass and I really started to fall for this guy. He was sending me so many signals that he liked me too and sooner or later I had the biggest smile on my face once class ended. About a month before the semester ended I was completely head over heels for this guy and it was obvious to my other classmates (who always joked w/us about liking each other) that we had something there. We even flirted during class periods in the hallways, I mean it was obvious to me that this guy liked me!!
okay, so the class came to an end and he had a party at his house, which I went to… and he just acted distant for some reason, but I just brushed it off like it was nothing. So now, the class is over, right? and its second semester… I ALWAYS see him in the halls during passing period and Ill even see him outside of school almost everyday. and he doesnt say ne thing to me. not one word. I dont know what happened!!! once in a while he’ll glance and smile at me, but other than that nothing! I dont know whats wrong?! I try to act like I dont see him sometime because I dont want to come off as that crazy stalker type of girl (LOL) but it just kills me inside! I just dont know what to do… we never talk and if we do make eye contact in the halls, which is like everyday, we both quickly turn away! my friends always tell me that when im "not looking" he looks at me. I just dont know what to do! I like him SO much & I just dont know what happened!
sorry its soo long, I just needed to get it off my shoulders, hahaha. what should i do? Im so heartbroken and upset and I just have no clue what to do! PLEASE HELP!

****any heartbreak quotes that would work good with my situation?!

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