There is a big story to this and i have some links of the story…ive been nothing but great support and tried to help and go to her as we are both in the military…ive known her forever from my home town and she knew as i did we would be together…and after this she broke it off with me and shut me out and just acts like nothing has happened..she was diagnosed with lupus which is what caused the miscarriage and everything…she said i havent done anything it or whatever…i know it takes a lot of time to get back to normal and see whats going on…i think she is just hiding how she feels about it and just says oh im fine and im sorry it had to happen like this…she isnt the type of person who would ever and i mean ever treat a situation like this although it has happened before when she went to basic training and she kinda closed me out but then months and months later she texted me before i left for the Marine Corps and said how immature she felt about not talking to me and this is a way more serious situation…we were engaged happily no big fights no nohting…and then its like nothing but a down spiral…seems like nothing has happened in her eyes to me anyway although i do know women can hide there feelings…i dunno here are few links for the main story…thank you for any advice or help..

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