I’m talking hundreds of text messages starting from morning and going til night, for the past three months. He’s been acting distant for the past few months and we’ve been fighting more, and he blamed the fighting on leaving. But I think the reason I was fighting with him all the time is because he was acting distant and like he didn’t really want to be around.

On Christmas night he said he was ending the relationship and then for three weeks after stayed with his sister and said he had to "think about things" because he didn’t want to make a decision he regretted. Then he broke up with me last Sunday. He said he hoped we could be friends for our son and offered to continue to support me while I’m in school for nursing.

Then I get this bill. HUNDREDS of text messages back and forth between him and this 20 yr old coworker. He denies anything has happened and says it’s "work related". I’m both devastated and livid. Don’t know how I should handle this. Advice? What would you do?
We’ve been together for 10 years and have a 23 month old son together. I am so angry I want to humiliate him and make him regret ever leaving. But then I don’t want to make myself out to look like a fool and the bad one. What would be the best thing to do to get closure on this and leave him wishing he never left?
Shoul I contact one of his coworkers to let them know what they’ve been doing so that they’re both humiliated when they go to work or is that just being petty??

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