I was engaged to a very nice young man, our parents approved (though his father could have done more to us than he promised), I was close to his sister, my sweet Catherine, the dearest girl possible. But then I met this young man, Captain Tilney (from a very good, well to do family), who started complimenting me and flirting with me, and he became quite my shadow. Many girls might have been taken in, for never were such attentions; but I knew the fickle men too well.
But my dearest James heard some silly rumours and broke
up with me! The minute he did so, Captain Tilney went away, forgetting all his speeches, about wanting my heart independent, my blooming cheeks and so on. He is a very deceitful flirt! I saw him with the last two days with Charlotte Davis; he stopped noticing me!
How can I explain all this to James? It was a silly misunderstanding, nothing else, and he took it so seriously.

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