Me and my fiance were together 2 years and just left Iraq together and moved to his hometown in Washington DC when we got out the military a few months ago. My fiance was the BEST the entire 2 years we were together. He treated me like such a gentleman and was always sweet and when we were in Iraq and found out I was pregnant he went out of his way to make me happy and comfortable all the time. Now we are in DC and I am 8 months…we just started not getting along and arguing all the time to the point that he has moved out and in to his aunts house. He goes with me to some of my appointments and still pays all the bills but he is not there for me emotionally at all anymore. He looks frightened when he touches my belly when its moving and he doesnt like talking about the baby anymore. All he wants to do is go out to parties and pretend like the baby is not on the way. It seems the further along I get the more distant he becomes. I miss him so much and it hurts that he is not here laying with me every night when I left my family all the way in St.Louis to move here and be with him…I have tried talking to him and pouring my heart out how I need him and he just says he needs time and that he will still be here for me. He says he is tired of my flipping out on him but I wouldnt flip out if he was there more. PLEASE HELP

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