I’ve asked this before, but the chicks on here are almost as crazy as my ex lol. Anyways, I’ve got a serious problem on my hands.

‘m afraid that my ex-girlfriend is trying to get some sort of revenge on me. I mean, I don’t completely blame her, but I’d rather find a way to get out of this situation. Here’s the back story:

I was kind of a jerk for a long time to my ex-girlfriend. I repeatedly cheated on her, treated her like crap and when I broke up with her I told her to just go get a life and leave me alone for now on.

So yeah, maybe I’m kind of a dick, so what? That’s life, you know? I’m a little sexist against women, but anyone who isn’t sexist is just fooling themselves. So last week she called me up telling me about certain pictures she has of me. I don’t want to talk about what are on those pictures since its really embarrassing and there’s no point in anyone knowing. But the point is that she is trying to use those pictures as blackmail to get me to do whatever she wants. What you all need to understand is that if the people at my work see those pictures I am completely out of a job (since what I’m doing in those photos are kind of illegal… it really is a long story). She’s friends with a couple of the guys I work with, so that really scares me.

So I agreed to come over to her place a couple of nights ago, figuring that whatever she wanted me to do so that she could get even, it couldn’t be that bad. What she had me do kind of freaked me out though.

She wanted me to put on one of her old costumes, which happened to be this sort of slutty Alice In Wonderland outfit and model it for her. I was completely shocked at how completely weird that request is and I refused at first, but then she showed me proof that she had some of those photos digitally backed up online. So I went ahead and put on the costume, pretending it was funny instead of just freaking me out. She also put full makeup on my face and had me wear hosiery and a wig. After having me do some pretty weird stuff like dancing, singing and acting stuff out for her, she eventually let me change back into my clothes and go home.

So up until last night I was kind of relieved that she had finally had her revenge and we were totally even. But she called me again last night to tell me that she wants me to come over next Saturday to do similar things with one of her friends there.

I couldn’t sleep at all last night and I’m really stressed out about this. I don’t want to have to keep going over there so that she can get her kicks out of dressing me up like a girl, but there’s no way in hell that I can let her show those pictures to anyone, especially not my coworkers. I’ve thought about taking legal action or something, but I’m really worried about the fact that what I’m doing in those pictures is illegal. A part of me thinks maybe it might be worth it to just let her do this for a while and hope that she’ll get bored of it or just let it go.

Her revenge is retarded anyway, since I don’t feel any worse about all of the things I did to her. In fact, I’m more glad that I caused her all that pain now. Sure, she was innocent in the situation before and it does make me kind of a bad guy for doing it, but she’s not the innocent one in the situation now.

So what should I do? Is there a way to keep her from doing this, or should I just let it happen and hope that she’ll get bored?


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