I keep thinking my ex’s like… one single fault is so, so fixable with time. he’s only 17, I just turned 18. we were absolutely the best of friends, it’s just that I was starting my life and he’s still in highschool. I decided it was too much, because he didn’t seem interested in what’s probably going to be my life (art). but how could he be if he hasn’t been out in "the real world" yet and doesn’t know how it is?

I was also like his first real friend… ever. so I think the break might be good for him so he’ll learn how to be more sociable (and me, so I can figure out my college life and myself). but I still really hope deep down that he’ll mature just that one step further and we can get back together. am I deluding myself?

has this ever worked for anyone else?
he’s really super upset right now. he sobbed for days (so did I). we went out for six months. I’ve been trying to give him space.

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