I dated a guy for a few months and then he suddenly stopped calling, texting, inviting me out, etc. His initial excuse was that he was very busy, that he was worried our relationship was moving too fast & a couple of other BS excuses. Then he broke up w/me via e-mail. I sent him a mature e-mail back & didn’t let him know how upset I was. In reality, though. I was really hurt & I blamed myself for doing something wrong b/c he seemed like such a great catch.

A few days ago I found out that he has a new girlfriend & started dating here while still involved w/me. Needless to say, I am pissed & am looking for some ways to get revenge.

I don’t want to break the law or cause bodily harm to anyone. I just want to embarass and/or inconvenience him. Also, I want to remain anonymous- I don’t want him to know I am behind the prank. I have not told anyone about my plans for revenge or even that this incident is bothering me. Can anyone give me some ideas or personal stories about what they have done to get revenge?


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