He says he doesn’t want to talk to me for a while – I tried texting him and he said "Don’t text me. I’m not talking to you for a while." This is so hard for me to accept because I’m not used to being away from him. We’re always together and talk several times during the day when we’re apart. The fight/breakup happened because of family issues (different religions, families disagree on things)- but I don’t think it’s anything that can’t be resolved. We had a big argument, we both said some mean things but he just up and left. I wish he would just talk to me, but I don’t want to push him. I don’t have many friends so there’s not really anyone I can talk to – last night was so hard I actually got physically ill. I don’t want to harass him and call/text him but I feel like I’m going nuts. What can I do?

Please don’t be perverted or insensitive, guys, this is a really messed up situation and I’m trying to keep my chin up just to get through the day. I just need some friendly advice.
Thank you for the kind and sensible advice, everyone – i appreciate it so much

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