What is a good song about loving your ex?

Alright, so on myspace I always make my profile song have a meaning. Well I have a boyfriend, but I love my ex at the same time. I know it’s horrible, but it’s a really long story of to why. Anyways, I just need song titles of songs that show you miss your ex.

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5 thoughts on “What is a good song about loving your ex?

  1. yours forever<3 says:

    that’s the way I loved you- Taylor Swift

    love that song! haha i hope that helps!

  2. rebeccatotallyowns says:

    white flag by dido.

  3. Megg says:

    how do I live – Leanne Rymes..That song is playing right now. The only reason I thought of it lol

  4. Kent says:

    There are lot of love songs available on web.

    Which is your language selection?

    I like the song from Titanic. Love the melody

  5. Bryce says:

    You can listen to love songs all day long when missing your ex, but what can you actually do to have a chance to getting back together with your ex again?

    I found an awesome video about this.

    You can if you want check it out here .

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