Why Women Wants a DivorceNot pointing fingers!

Men skip out, but not at the rate women do. It’s fact that women dissolve the relationship where many men are more willing to stay in a troubled rel-ship or marriage.

What is that last straw for women that sends you over the edge? Not looking for the extreme examples, such as he beat me to an inch of life.

I get the feeling leaving is always an open option or never too far out of a women’s mind when things get complicated.

  • Do men believe they can fix it?
  • Do men just have a high tolerance for BS?
  • I’d say ego but women have huge ego’s too.
  • Do women get more emotional and can’t take it? later regretting?
  • Do women feel more support with the decision to leave?
  • Do women secretly desire independence from men. The grass is greener?

Men just tend to take it when things get troubled, women seem to bail.

I can see the reason just from the answers. Women automatically default to, I hate to say it victims.

Most of the time Men in these situation are hurting too. I think men are so use to hearing she acts that way because of hormones, it. just seems okay.

She has an excuse. She does more, she feels more pain. She’s more emotions and you hurt her feelings.

You don’t ever hear much support for the guy other than you Monster.
** Ah, If I read ya correct than Men are more committed to the relationship or Marriage. If you love someone you care enough to work it out.


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