Why don’t people save themselves for marriage?

No, the marriage might not last forever but it would cut out a whole lot of problems. Guess I’m old fashoned but saving yourself shows self respect, self controle and value. I think its very admirable.

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16 Responses to “Why don’t people save themselves for marriage?”

  • consider_this_today says:

    Well, because everyone from school counselors to those pointy headed shrinks tell us that it is silly.

    Because no one really teaches or lives by what God said anymore. Instead, all you ever hear is how God wants us to be happy or how he overlooks or forgives everything. You never hear anything about God holding people to account or letting them deal with the consequences of their actions.

    Because as with most things, when people screw up, they have a legion of people making excuses for them and trying to toss social safety nets under them.

    Because they do not realize all the ramifications and implications of their actions until years later.

  • mikeshere says:

    I would have loved to wait until marriage, but she didn’t want to wait and didn’t have enough self control for the two of us, lol.

  • Jessica says:

    Think what you want. I dont know anyone that has and IMO i thinkits better not to wait.thats just me….

  • Jordan Pickell says:

    Because they think it’s hip and cool and want to be with the " in crowd ", however what most people don’t comprehend is the fact that once you give your body to someone, your virgininty there’s no way on getting that back. I intend on waiting until marriage before I devote my love and body to my one and only special pumpkin, queen of mine, whomever she may be…. only time will tell I suppose



  • u can't trick a tricker says:

    i agree 100% God’s plan is the perfect plan. when people don’t listen or abide by it, all kinds of bad things happen. i am not saying i am perfect by any means! It’s not old fashioned really, its the way it was meant to be.

    Peter Pry, ever read the Bible? you can claim all you want that its different strokes for different folkes, but God says that everyone should be united on all things concering Him, and in the end, you will be very sorry. Rememeber these words right here…"Depart from me, I know ye not" those will be the last words you hear for eternity. I’ll pray for you.

  • Moonk says:

    What if you ended up hating your sex life after getting married? I believe in testing the waters before diving in. Sex might not be the most important thing in marriage, but it’s very important. People get divorced because of it. Divorce is worse than a non-virgin spouse.

  • Construction Pig says:

    I would prefer someone who knows what they are doing in the sack.

  • Brittani U says:

    i didn’t save myself because to me sex wasnt something that was really important to me. Its just something i did. Wow that makes me sound like a whore lol

  • Mother2 says:

    I feel the same way I don’t see how people just drop their underwears at a drop of a dime. I know someone who is like that I am thirty and I waited until I was married how hard is it.

  • Italiana Mama says:

    because there are not too many men and women that think the same way that you do. But believe me I am happy to find someone that has those values. And you are so right it is a wonderful thing to be with your new husband and you are still a virgin the night of your wedding. A night that is special. I have been married now for 32 years to the same special man and it was special then and it still is.

  • Peter Pry says:

    1. Some people aren’t allowed to marry. I suppose you’d rather they be celibate for life.

    2. I had sex with dozens of people before marriage, and I have plenty of self respect. What bafflegab nonsense can possibly make you think that having sex means a loss of respect?

    3. Self-control? I’ve got that too. Is there some specific reason I should be directing it differently? No.

    4. Your values are not mine. Newsflash: different strokes for different folks. Your values are not the universe’s. It doesn’t revolve around you.

  • fastplayer37 says:

    i think because now women do not get pregnant anymore due to birth control. In the olden days, there was too much risk of pregnancy so everyone waited for marriage. Being a single parent was looked down upon and wedlock was a disgrace. So being that women saved themselves out of fear, men didnt have a choice but to marry quickly b/c they couldnt really find sex like they can now. On a religious note, i think alot of people are drifting away from christianity. Its not as "taboo" anymore for most people even though it really still is in the church. Depending which church you belong too.
    I also think sex is alot more open now and people are much more comfortable about the topic.

  • Mrs. Floyd the Barber says:

    try before u buy

  • vaughn favrua says:

    no patients fellow texan. no one wants to wait

  • febgirl says:

    Everyone’s different. There’s no right or wrong; it’s what you feel is best for you and your relationship. This is 2008 so just go with what you want to do. You won’t go to hell if you have sex before marriage.

  • Don't Ask Me Twice says:

    from all of these answers, you can definitely tell that God’s word is true, because he said "narrow is the way, and few will find it" I can see that as clear as a bell. God is the same now as he always has been and as he always will be.

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Free 7-Step Ex Back Action Plan!
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(Your details will never be sold or passed on to a third party)

Ecourse Contents:

1. Learn why you broke up.

2. Learn to control your emotions.

3. Avoid the top 6 things that will drive your ex away.

4. Why a 30-day no contact period really works.

5. Why you should get physically and mentally fit.

6. The importance of socialising.

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