I was always good to my ex. Gave him anything he asked for, never cheated on him, and gave him two beautiful girls.

Yet, he cheated on me with a girl that has three kids with three different men. Her husband left her because he caught her cheating with another man during their daughters birthday party.

She has slept with my ex cousin and brother, and now he is living with her.

Why would a man leave a woman that has been there for him through thick and thin, that he swears he loves and wants to be with, only to be with a woman that is no good and never will be.

I don’t want him back and wouldn’t take him back, that is not the issue, I just want someone that can explain to me what is running through his head.

He lives with this girl but everyday calls and texts (which I ignore) saying how much he loves me and wants me back.

Why are men suck a**holes?


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