Ever notice when the marriage ends men take little from the house, in some cases just their clothes?

I understand in some cases the woman and kids remain in the home so you wouldn’t take or divide material possessions. Excluding this situation, I’ve seen many men just leave cheerished belongings & everything and just walk.

A) Do men do it because they don’t want painful reminders?

B) They are conditioned to give everything over to the woman?

C) The man is shattered by the system, by failure & feels unworthy?

Not looking for sympathy at all, just raising awareness, because I feel men’s issues lack major understanding & support. I also think there’s a link between this and why children are fatherless.

At the rate we’re going if nothing changes children will eventually have one parent.
* Maybe the 37" plasma TV his prize prossession at one time. The Bedroom set. the couch, etc.
****** Some call men Losers, They don’t see there kids.

Women don’t admit they worked vindictively hard to remove the Father from the childs life.

With all the claims, he was an abusive husband it a miracle Father’s have any rights period.
Jude: In a generalized way you portray women as Victims & Men as Abusers.
Women leave and divorce and break up the family at a much higher rate than men.
You have all been indoctrinated by focused interest groups, by their advertising & propaganda to believe one thing.

Women are innocent victims & Men are oppressive abusers.
George: It sounds like your saying There’s a political agenda to elliminate the role of father.
Reducing men to Sperm & ATM machines.

George, where are Men & father’s in the Movement? Is it just starting to gain strength? Where can I be of best help? I know men are become active as have received the short end one too many times.

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