catholic ways to stop divorceWith the divorce rate rising on what appears to be a daily basis, it is no surprise that people are wondering how to stop a divorce. The good news is that it can be done, it is relatively easy when you put these five steps into action.

1) Find time for each other:

Your relationship will not survive unless you find time for each other and do this regularly. This doesn’t mean throwing the odd comment at one another over the dinner table when the kids are fighting but actually making an effort to communicate. Put the kids to bed, switch the TV or computer off and sit down and have a chat.  Talk about your day, your feelings and any issues that are worrying you.  By maintaining open lines of communication you are less likely to have disagreements and misunderstandings over trivial things. Yes you will still fight but that is completely natural and can be a good thing if it leads to a nice making up session.

2) Always show respect for one another:

No matter how long you have been together you should always show respect for your partner.  Give them time for themselves and don’t expect to occupy their every waking moment. There will be times when your partner is going through a difficult time either because of work or personal problems that have nothing to do with your relationship.  Be there for them at this time. This doesn’t mean you have to solve the problem as that will not always be possible but if they know they have your support, it will help a lot.

3) Never put one another down

You should never put your partner down not even in private. When someone loves another person, they tend to open up to them and share intimate details that they wouldnt share with anyone else. If that partner then uses this knowledge to put them down, the hurt can be enormous.  So be careful and try and think before you open your mouth. If you do insult them, be quick to apologize and reassure them you didn’t mean it.

4) Show appreciation

We are all guilty of taking things for granted including our health, our jobs and probably our partners. You need to make a conscious effort to show your partner appreciation for their efforts.  You know your partner and this means understanding how they like to be shown appreciation. For some people telling them verbally works while for others, they need gestures rather than just words.  Taking time to complement your other half will increase your mutual appreciation and the bond between you making divorce less likely.

5) Show forgiveness

We all mess up occasionally and rather than holding onto this incident, why not practice forgiveness. You never know when you will mess up and you will want your partner to return the favor.  Nobody is perfect and you will have a much happier life if you don’t keep expecting them to be.

Follow these five tips and you should never need to know how to stop a divorce!

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