Here’s a collection of oringinal poems by ck. (me) These are all true life things that have happened, and I wrote my emotions into my quotes and poems. Can you tell me what you think?
Let me go with this, it’s the last thing I’ll say, I’ll love you for forever and a day.”

“You said it’s over, but baby you’re wrong. My love for you will go on and on.”

“Our hello was wonderful, our goodbye was tragic.”

“After everything that has happened, I just can’t bare to look at you. It kills me to see you with her. It hurts to know that I’ll never be her. It kills me to know I could’ve been her a long time ago.”

I’m sitting here tonight,
Thinking back to months of few.
When a certain boy walked into my life
That boy, baby, was you.

Girls were all over you from day one,
Swore to myself that would never be me.
That promise I made to myself was done.
Once I learned all that we could be.

Days went by, I was falling fast.
We talked like there was no tomorrow.
I never wanted time to past.
All I needed was a heart to borrow.

I started to believe I was different from the other girls,
But sadly, it wasn’t true.
All I ended up to be,
Was a mess of a girl to you.

I ended up being something not wanted,
Just a simple player’s toy.
I thought you were someone different,
Not like every other boy.

Now, things have come to pass.
She is now in your life.
You and I, were strangers.
Living in this world of strife.

All I do now a days
Is cry over you, baby.
This is too much for me to handle.
Why is that so hard for you to see?

I have nothing more I can say,
You and I will never be.
The only thing I was searching for,
Was someone to love me.

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