will she ever find love again?

My sister has two children aged 2&4, she is also pregnant . Recently she got dumped by her partner and feels like she will never find someone again.
What do you think, would you(as a man) ever date a woman who has three children? Or a woman who is pregnant?

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28 Responses to “will she ever find love again?”

  • dooneygirl@sbcglobal.net says:

    first of all she shouldnt be looking for anyone while pregnant she should concentrate on taking care of herself and unborn child.
    one she has the baby i think she will find someone i always see and know of people that get married and the new partner adopts or raises someone elses children i think your sister needs to concentrate on the now and dont worry to much about finding a man she doenst need one she has 2 kids and 1 more on the way to worry about !!!

  • Thanx S says:

    I will not.

  • chrisSgrl says:

    i wouldnt but i no men who would.

  • DawnsEarlyLight says:

    Not a man here but was a single mom with three children. You find men who are much more serious about commitment. I was remarried a year after my divorce. I am still able to be a stay at home mom.

  • james m says:

    sure why not, i bet shes a milf

  • retrac_enyaw03 says:

    my girlfriend has four children that came from a previous relationship.i am mature enough to deal with that.yes, your sis will find another.

  • LearningHowToLoveAgain says:

    it will be hard b/c most men have a problem with the girl having one baby, now three
    she should keep trying
    and no more babies

  • mentalsquint says:

    if she finds someone who will date her while she is pregnant or has 3 kids she better hold on to him, because most guys are assholes and would never do something like that. I wish her luck!

  • Rev. Morgan says:

    From personal experience let me share this with you. I have 3 children myself and in the process of a divorce. My ex-husband and I have been separated for almost 3 years now and Im engaged to a wonderful man. So hon the answer is YES she will find love again.

    The trick is not to look. Love will find her when she least expects it. It is a package deal, you cannot have the woman without the kids and any man worth his salt will love her kids as his own.

  • David says:

    if i was older ya i love childern, and there is some one out there for every one

  • Widowed dad in michigan says:

    Heck ya. I’m a single dad with 2 kids and was married for 5 years. Now with having kids women here don’t want to date a guy with 2 full time kids at home. Tell her to keep her head up. If i was there i would maybe date her though. I would have to get to know her first.

  • Amanda F says:

    I’m not a man, but I think that she will find love again, perhaps with someone who’s not able to have children

  • Shruti says:

    of course…she still haven’t found her soulmate yet.

  • West Coast Shawty says:

    I am not a man. But let me say this by lendin a helpin hand. We live to love, it was our purpose given to us from up above, tell your sister to go to church. Trust me, it will help. My 11 yr old cousin is possibly pregnant and the baby daddy is still tryin to get wit me sexually. I know how concerned you are. Keep her away from bad influences. Please e-mail me someday of how your sister turns out.

    God bless ~

    Amor Siempre~


  • foreverrose120 says:

    There are some really good guys still around. It really depends on the type of person your sister is. You get what you give.

  • gokart121 says:

    well, a whole family’s a lot to take on, all at once, but I’m sure that if she’s honest about her circumstances, and what she’s looking for, she’ll meet the right guy….

  • Goblue says:

    I dont think she should date when she is pregnant. but i dont see why someone wouldnt date her. she just has to be careful not to get the kids attached to early in the relationship in case it dosent work out. she wouldnt want the kids confussed w/ the dad thing. tell her not to settle for some @sshole just to be w/ someone.

  • prince47 says:

    true. she will find a good Samaritan.

  • phillip d says:

    Toughest Q out there. Perhaps, but most guys would believe a pregnant woman to be taboo; however, I have friends who have a solid relationship with single moms with as many children. Keep the faith; there are decent guys out there.

  • panda_undercover says:

    I think she’ll find a man who’s gone through something similar as her–had children w/ previous girls but the girls left him, and he’s still a responsible father–of course, he’ll be a bit older, say, a guy in his late 20’s to 40’s….or she won’t find him for a couple more years. But yea, I think it’s possible she’ll find a great guy who can understand and accept her situation.

  • la_vaca_mooo says:

    Unless your sister is extremely hot and rich, Never! she seem to irresponsible to have so many kids and not be married.

  • diva anne says:

    actually hon, I’ve known of persons who not only found someone else to date, but eventually got married. what i suggest though is that you encourage your sister to wait, take her time get herself settled and not look to find another partner. if she needs financial, physical or emotional support you and the rest of the family should rally around her. she needs to set her priorities which are her children first then her second, whoever she looks to bring into those children lives must be secure and settled. i think after she has the baby, she should examine her options, go back to school if need be, get herself sorted out, those children are looking to her as an example, tell her make sure it’s the best. anyhow all the best.

  • KANDY_GIRL says:

    well i found a good man and i had two kids and now 1 from him hes the best partner i ever had ,respectfull doesnt go out drink smoke nothing!! shell find someone but it will take time help her out with the kids so she can go out atleast on saturdays and meet someone after she gives birth ,but her man will probably come back i no shes hurt cause shes gonna have his baby and hes not around

  • jordan says:

    idk some people would choose not to because they would be "un pure" (not many in this day are that way) but ya you
    you just need to let her thing at her own pace if you rush her (or she rushes herself) than that coduld make it so that she does not want to date anymore AND HER CHILDREN NEED A GOOD FATHERLY ROLL MODEL and it takes time to get over that. not to mention finding someone that is compatible with her

    good luck!!

  • white jade says:

    Sometimes the fact is so painful, but I’ve to tell you about it. Perhaps when your sister pregnant, there’s no man will date her, but after she born her baby maybe there’s someone who will ask her for a date, and if this man is a good guy, who can accept your sister condition, I believe they will in a serious relationship. And if they could understand each other, maybe they can get married and your sister can life happily.

    I’ll pray for your sister happiness…..

  • silver_princess16_03 says:

    i think she should worry about the pregancy right now and give herself time to heal. but she needs not to stress right now cuz she needs to stay healthy for the baby. and when the baby come she’ll worry about the baby she’ll heal and and b4 she knows it she’ll be dating again. but it maybe a year or two and could be longer. give her as much time as she needs. but she relize she is comfortable and happy with only her and the kids.
    she’ll date again when she is ready

  • peach says:

    I think the last thing she needs to think about right now is dating. She needs to concentrate on her babies and the one growing inside of her. I would say she should wait to start dating until the baby is at least six months old. Small babies need lots of attention and need their mommies around. After that, tell her to go to match.com or another reputable website. I was a single mother without a lot of time to date and I did not want to go to bars looking for a man. She will find love again but please I hope she concentrates on those babies for a while. She needs to be strong for them. I am sorry for her though, what kind of a**hole who dump his pregnant girlfriend/wife?

  • Nike A says:

    yes she will get a partner when the times comes,becouse God knows the best for her.she should not giveup

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Free 7-Step Ex Back Action Plan!
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(Your details will never be sold or passed on to a third party)

Ecourse Contents:

1. Learn why you broke up.

2. Learn to control your emotions.

3. Avoid the top 6 things that will drive your ex away.

4. Why a 30-day no contact period really works.

5. Why you should get physically and mentally fit.

6. The importance of socialising.

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