Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz

does my boyfriend still love meHave you been looking for a “does my ex still love quiz“?

If so, chances are you are still in love with your ex but you feel it is hopeless since they don’t love you back. How can you actually know this for sure?

Maybe they regret the break up as much as you do.

Unfortunately, when two people split up, they can let things drift between them rather than trying to reconcile and rediscover their former passion.

There are a number of reasons why. They may feel hurt particularly if they were the one who were dumped. They may feel that they will only make a fool of themselves if they try to get their ex back. There are even some people that believe all break ups happen for a reason and therefore the relationship is best left finished.

Well I am happy to say that most if not all of these beliefs are garbage. It is extremely unusual for two people in a long term relationship to break up and not have any feelings left for the other person.

Yes it is natural to be hurt regardless of who was the “guilty” partner. It is also completely reasonable to be scared of making the first move to reconcile. But think about this? Would you rather sleep with your pride or your lover?

Letting someone you love out of your life forever because you cannot bear the thought of him or her rejecting your advances is silly. Life is difficult enough without standing in your own way of happiness.

Sure they may knock you back but at least you will know that you gave it everything and not spend the rest of your life wondering what if. Imagine you don’t do anything now and you bump into your ex lover in twenty years time.

On this future occasion he or she admits that they never stopped loving you and have wanted you back in their life all this time. Wouldn’t you just kick yourself? Yet this is exactly the scenario you are risking by not being prepared to make the first move, admit you think you were wrong to break up and that you want to give things another go.

Come on now, what do you stand to lose? Really when it comes down to it do you want to waste time thinking I am still in love with my ex or do you want to grab life with both hands, find your ex partner and tell them how you really feel.

You have come to a crossroads in your life and the next move is up to you. You alone have to take 100% responsibility for your actions or lack of them and the results.

Don’t listen to your family or your friends. Think about what you want and how your life will look if you never get your ex back.

Now make a decision and go for it. Don’t live a life of regret due to misplaced pride or thinking you “know” the answer to how someone else feels.

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One thought on “Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz

  1. kelly says:

    My boyfriend won’t get back together and i really miss him but no one knows and now he’s dating my best friend and he knows that if he wold data my best friend and now he broke her heart and won’t stop being mean and he said to me when he was going out with my best friend that he would dump her for me and then kissed me and WALKED AWAY…

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