So my ex boyfriend is a complete little scene douchebag.

He has ruined all his girlfriends lives; people warned me about him, but I didn’t listen…
It didn’t seem to be true…he was so sweet; he wrote a song for me on guitar and sang it before we went out. I knew he wasn’t a good student….he skipped school, did drugs, smoked and later I found out lied. But I went out with him anyway.
Everything seemed fine, my friend even thought he changed,but one day he lied to me to skip school with him.
It ended horribly….but I was confused so stayed with him.
During the time he would randomly dissapear and I wouldn’t hear from him , then he would make excuses for why he didn’t call , like phone restricition.
After we went out for almost 3 months I dumped him because I didn’t want to deal with his excuses and lies anymore.
I found out before we were dating he took advantage of by friend when they were drunk and she actually got pregnent but got an aboration.
When she told him , he immeditely stopped talking to her.
We want to get back at him.
It’s probably stupid and not worth it, but it would make us feel better haha.
Any ideas for revenge? :)
Um I’m not giving ou his full name but his first name is chris

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