I think that my older successful semi ex boyfriend was fr more sensitive and insecure than I could have ever imagined.
When we were dating and exclusive i thought i was behaving beyond reproach and was hard on him.
In fact i was the one who asked for a break.
his behavior had become distant and cold and I didn’t look to my own actions for his remote emotions.
Now as we’ve slowly rebuilt trust and become friends I think I may have done things to push him away
I have fun being playful with male friends on facebook… they re totally platonic but he calls it flirting.
also because i tend to put up photos of myself on facebook he makes fun of them and says i must want attention and ego boosts.
he keeps saying a camisole im wearing looks like a negligee… I explained it wasn’t and if hes jealous ill take them down
he keeps saying he isn’t jealous but he sure acts it..also i just found out that he was hurt i never called him much and always let him call me… (he didn’t say he was hurt he just complained i never called him first while we dated)
well i called him tonight and he acted stunned and excited. it was cute.

i really thought women are supposed to let the man chase them and also make herself look independent and not 100% into him.

but im noticing he genuinely seems to like me showing him i care.
should i also interact less with my guy friends on facebook and just send him new photos of myself privately ?

it seems the more i act warm , spontaneously demonstrative and faithful the nicer and warmer he acts in return….

does his responsiveness to my new behavior bode well for reuniting ?

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