how do i get back together with my ex boyfriendAre you searching for some quality free advice on how to get back with your ex? Read the following article and you will receive plenty of good tips.

Are you wondering how to get back with ex partner? There are many steps you can take with the most important first one being to ask yourself are you sure this is what you want. Sometimes we try to get back with our old partner because quite frankly the dating game is difficult.

The devil you know is easier than the one you haven’t yet met. Also if you have children or share a home mortgage breaking up is more difficult than if you have recently met. That being said, most people break up for all the wrong reasons and it is a real pity when they don’t get back together. It is difficult to quantify the number of relationships with potential, that don’t get a chance to mature and deepen, because of someone’s pride and/or a silly argument, so don’t let that happen to you.

So if you want your partner back what can you do? The old theory that absence makes the heart grow fonder isn’t always true. You could easily say that out of sight out of mind applies instead. Why? Familiarity has a powerful affect on attractiveness i.e. the more familiar you are the more attractive your partner will find you.  This explains why the initial physical attraction between two people often disappears and is replaced by something a lot deeper and longer lasting. After all beauty tends to fade as you get older.  So the trick to getting your ex back is to bump into them very often but not to the extent where they think you are stalking them.

When you do meet make sure that you are smiling and look like you are having fun. You want to show your ex that he or she is missing something fantastic and being miserable won’t do that. On the other hand if you project an image of happiness they will wonder why they were stupid enough to let you go. Make sure you keep up plenty of eye contact as all the studies say that this can boost your attractiveness factor. But again keep this in perspective and act naturally. You do not want your ex thinking that he has just landed on the set of Fatal Attraction.

Forget about fancy chat up lines and the other games that people play in the dating game. If you want your ex back why not just tell them. Apologize if you were in the wrong and say that you would like to give the relationship another go. Sure they may not want to and your pride may be a little damaged; but surely it is worth taking the chance. If you really want something in life you have to go and get it. As it says in the M3 System, there is very little that a relationship cannot weather and be improved by experiencing so long as both of you are adult enough to move on.   Now you know how to get back with ex, off you go and put this advice into action.

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