how do i know if my boyfriend really loves me Do you keep asking yourself “how can I tell if my boyfriend really loves me”? If so, you for sure have some doubt and uncertainty about how strong his love for you actually is. Trust me when I tell you; you’re not alone with your doubts. Many girls have similar doubts, because the signals they are getting from their boyfriends, just aren’t strong enough to really answer the all important question; “Does he really love me?”

I also want you to realize that it may well not be your fault that these doubts enter into your mind. Simply because your significant other may belong, to that ‘herd’, of men who have extreme difficulty in showing affection. Even when they are deeply in love, it is almost impossible for them to convey it openly or even overtly to you.

When you are with him, you may have a feeling that everything is all right. But once you are out of his sight, it looks as if he has completely forgotten your existence. But once these “doubts” enter into your thoughts, they can quickly become an obsession and consume you. And the end result can destroy your relationship; with someone who does love you. Therefore it’s important for you to learn the skills of reading and interpreting your lovers signs; of his true love for you. The following are a few tips that will enable you to help you to resolve the doubts you have been experiencing

- When you are having a conversation with him, you should maintain eye contact.  If he is serious about you and the conversation, he will also look directly into your eyes. You will quickly learn he’s not being distracted by the other things going on around you both and it’s a sure sign of his true feelings for you.

- If your beau puts your priorities before his, you can pretty well conclude that you are special to him and he cares deeply for you.

- Another sign you can look for if he is willing to discuss his ‘personal life’ openly with you or even obliquely. This shows that he holds you in very high esteem and he believes you will give your moral support and advice on solving the issues. Yes, he will have his own ideas to sort these issues out, he will respect your thoughts and perhaps implement your suggestions. And when a man does that you can bet, your are more than just a girlfriend.

- As you may know, a great many men have trouble remembering those “special days.” A sure sign of true feeling for you is when he will try hard to remember those special days such as your birthday, the anniversary of your first meeting with him, etc. and present you with gifts that are unique. These gifts may be inexpensive but they will speak volumes of his love towards you.

If you observe that the behavior of your boy friend conforms to the above clues, you can conclude that he really loves you, though he is not the type who expresses it openly. These signs provide an answer to your question, “how can I tell if my boyfriend really loves me?”.

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